Which Hosting Company Provides the Unlimited Inodes…?

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This question, I found out in Quora and decided to answer this question
on my blog and I hope this article will help many users who are worried
about their limited inodes. I can tell you that most of the users who
purchase web hosting they doesn’t know about Inodes and no hosting
company will let you about this technical details. Even I was not
knowing about Inodes and recently, When I was working on the Project and
when I was uploading the data, I start getting the error and When I
look into the Cpanel dashboard then it was showing that the allocated
inode has been fully utilised. Here I have compared the Best Hosting
with unlimited Inodes or Limited Inodes Provided by them in their
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Then, I started researching Inode, What is the Inode? What is the use
of the inode? How it functions and What are the drawbacks. Then I got a
clear idea about Inode, but when I saw a Question in Quora then I got
the idea to compare the web hosting company with their Inode.
I started doing detailed analysis on Best Hosting company with the
Inodes,then no hosting company was providing the number of Inode they
provide in their shared hosting service. So, I have decided this article
to provide the detailed information on best web hosting with Unlimited
or Maximum number of Inodes
What is Inodes in Hosting?
is a kind of data structure which keeps track of all the files that you
have stored in your hosting account.The number of inodes indicated the
number of files and folders you have. It included all your accounts,
files, folders , emails that you have on your server
Limit of Inodes in Shared Hosting
majority of Shared Hosting company, they provide 100,000/2,50,000
inodes on your shared accounts and when you utilised the maximum number
of Inodes allocated to you then your violate the terms and conditions
and your website can be blocked.
Limites of Inodes in VPS Hosting
majority of VPS Hosting, they provide you upto 1 Million Inodes and
when you have reached the limit then you will not be able to upload the
files on your hosting account. Continue reading this article you will
get the clear idea of the maximum number of inodes.

Limites of Inodes in Dedicated Server Hosting
Dedicated server hosting you will get Unlimited Inodes that you can use with dedicated hosting service.

Let’s See the List of Web Hosting Company with their Inodes

Web Hosting Inodes in Shared Inodes in VPS Inodes in Dedicated
Fastcomet 500,000 Unlimited Unlimited
A2Hosting 600,000 2,000,000 Unlimited
TMDHosting 200 000 Unlimited Unlimited
Hostgator 100,000 1,000,000 Unlimited
Bluehost 200,000 Unlimited Unlimited

the detailed summary Which Hosting company Provides the Number of
Inodes? Note – Here, the Highest Number of Nodes are listed in their
respective hosting category
Where, Can We check the Inodes in Cpanel
I will give you the Step by Step Guide which you see Inodes in Cpanel
Step 1 – Login into your Cpanel Account
Step 2 – In the right corner of the Cpanel, you will have the Option File Usage where you
can get the number of inodes are provided in your shared hosting
account. It is my Server Statistics , As I am hosting my website on
basic hosting plan so I am getting 250,000 Inodes but when you go for
higher plan you will get upto 500,00 Inodes in your hosting account

Here, I have listed the Number of Inodes the Top and best web hosting company offers to their clients. I hope this article will help you identify the web hosting with their inodes.
Suggestions –The best Solution is Hostripple  web hosting service, They have a web servers everywhere coverd in Globe, If your Limit of Inodes in Shared Hosting is complete, then you have single option and that is to upgrade your server to VPS or dedicated. As you are upgrading from Shared Hosting, I will recommend you to go with VPS Hosting and after that your go with Dedicated Server Hosting.

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