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When you get to the point of packing up some of your large furniture pieces with glass shelves in them – china cabinets, bookcases, display cases, desks, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, etc., then one important question is how to protect the super-fragile glass objects so that they don’t break during the chaotic house move. Such

Moving to another state to start over

There are many reasons why people move to another state – work, love, education, family, retirement, climate, safety, health, and so on. But one powerful yet often overlooked incentive to move across the country is when people are moving away because they are desperately looking to start a new life in a different state. If

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So, it’s Moving day and you’re waiting for your chosen movers to appear and take your belongings to your new home. You’re probably nervous (and rightfully so – it’s the climax of your relocation endeavor) and flooded with worrisome questions – Will the movers arrive on time? What can I expect from them? Will they